14 Ways To Turn On The Content Flow


IBM recently published research finding that about 80 percent of those who begin a corporate blog never post more than five entries. And that’s just blogging.

The Internet is littered with never-updated web sites, near-tweetless Twitter accounts, expressionless Facebook pages, and no-one-home YouTube channels. In the rush to adopt content marketing as a tactic, too many marketers forget that if you’re continually publishing, you have to think like…a publisher.

Increasingly, marketing is no longer about buying media (the advertising model). Media is cheap — often even free. But rolling your own media brings with it a new set of challenges: coming up with enough content to fill all those blank pages, blog posts, profiles and such….and doing so on a regular basis, not just in a one-off burst of Week One enthusiasm.

And hey — this is really nothing new. Coming up with New Stuff to Say has been an issue for content marketers since the days of the corporate newsletter. Only now, there are even more virtual pages to fill with even more information — and in more multimedia formats.

Who’s good at solving that dilemma? Publishers. If you want to win at the content game, it’s time you started thinking like one.

In short, brands are media. Marketers are editors, or at least need to start thinking like editors and producers if they don’t want to come up short-handed. So herewith, steps toward publisher-think to help marketers get beyond that accusatory Blank White Page and start thinking like a true content professional.

Here are 14 steps to get you there: (read the rest of this post on MarketingLand.com)

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