Email’s Critical (But Overlooked) Role in Content Marketing

In our recent research report on content marketing, we asked 56 marketers what content channels matter now, and will in the future. Not a single one of them – not one – named email as a content channel, though we know that virtually every company we spoke with has invested significantly in email marketing initiatives.

We call this the “bright, shiny object syndrome.” It’s an obsession with hot new marketing technologies (video! mobile!) at the expense of digital marketing fundamentals (email, search). Not that there’s anything wrong with new. We love new. But you have to learn to walk before you can run and all that.

So it’s great to see the DMA’s Email Experience Council (eec) has just announced its relaunch of the YouTube education channel.

Below, some footage of me nattering on about the very important role email plays in content marketing (in another video I discuss how to find email content). I suggest you tune in for more email wisdom from experts including Bill McCloskey, Chad White, Tami Forman and other undisputed email marketing experts.


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