What’s “Content” Anyway?


I recently spent two days at the headquarters of a global enterprise speaking with various stakeholders from across their marketing organization about content marketing.

The purpose of the discussions was to uncover how content is being conceived, created, used, re-used, published and disseminated within the organization. Is there sufficient sharing and cross-departmental cooperation, or are different divisions reinventing the same wheel? Who creates what content, how is it approved, and where does it reside?

These are all valid questions that any organization should take seriously so they may effectively, as well as cost-effectively, practice content marketing – which, of course, feeds into social media activities, communities, paid advertising and virtually every other form of marketing.

Yet, in the course of these discussions, we continually encountered an unexpected response to one of our key questions: what kind of content do you and/or your group create?

“I Just Write Press Releases”
“Oh, I don’t create content. I write press releases,” said one person from the PR department.

“Content? We don’t make content. I spend most of my time working on PowerPoint presentations.”

“What do you mean by content?”

Mind you, these responses came from people in the marketing organization. I can imagine what the responses might have been if they came from even further afield.

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