Evolution: Joining The Altimeter Group


New beginnings. Today, I officially join The Altimeter Group as an analyst. I’ll cover digital advertising and media.

New…and not so new, given for the past 10+ years, I’ve microscopically covered digital marketing and media as a journalist, columnist, editor and author. More recently, I’ve been consulting on digital initiatives and strategy with clients ranging from start-ups and non-profits to Fortune 100s . All this work has had a single focus: to help digital marketers do their jobs better.

I couldn’t be more excited about taking on this challenge from a new perspective, that of an analyst. I’m jazzed about working with clients both old and new, and particularly learning from and collaborating with my new colleagues, a seriously impressive Who’s Who list of some of the most respected minds in the industry.

Altimeter’s advisory approach to disruptive technology is research-based, which is why I’m launching this blog: to discuss, muse, think aloud, and hopefully to get input, feedback and perspective for the Open Research reports I’ll be working on very soon.  

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