How Do You Measure Content Marketing?


Content marketing: what are you measuring? And why?

I couldn’t be happier that Jim Sterne’s eMetrics Summit will at last come to New York, and am honored to be speaking at the event. The session is entitled Congratulations, You’re a Publisher! Content Marketing Metrics.

My hypothesis is that content marketing is, essentially, publishing. To measure its effectiveness marketers must rely on many of the metrics and benchmarks publishers look to: page views, time on page, “engagement” (yeah, whatever that is), repeat visits, and, of course, visitors who take desired actions. Some companies, such as Eloqua, are able to directly attribute millions of dollars in revenue to downloads of their eBooks.

That’s where we come back to the question at the beginning of this post. If you’re marketing with content, whether on your own web site or in social media channels, let me know in the comments or via email if you prefer what you measure, why, and how. This can apply to your own content, of course, or even metrics used around user-generated content about and around your brand, products and services.

Thanks in advance for your input. And if you’re at eMetrics next month, hope you’ll say hi.

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